Tabletop Simulator Wiki
Toolbar expanded

A modified image of the Toolbar showing all the tools expanded.

The Toolbar is a set of buttons for tools used to play games and build mods. The Toolbar is located at the top left corner of the screen, and currently has 10 tools. Below is a list of the tools and a short description of them.

Picture Name of Tool Hotkey Description
Tool01 Grab Grab Tool F1 This is the main tool used, and is also referred to as the "Hand tool". It is used to manipulate objects while playing or building mods.
Tool02 VectorDraw Vector Paint F2 The Vector Paint tool is the second drawing tool to be added and is more precise than the Pixel Paint tool.
Tool03 PixelPaint Pixel Paint F3 The Pixel Paint tool is the first drawing tool to be added to the toolbar and draws pixellated lines directly onto the table surface.
Tool04 Zones Zones F4 The Zones Tool creates square shaped zones on the table. There are 3 different types: Hidden, Randomize, and Hands.
Tool05 Line Line F5 The Line tool is used in measuring distances from one point to another on the table by clicking and dragging the mouse to draw a straight line. A number will appear over the mouse pointer to show how long the line is.
Tool06 Flick Flick F6 The Flick Tool is used to flick objects across the table or sometimes to spin the pointer of a spinner. Click the mouse on an object and drag it away from it. The further you drag the mouse away, the more power your "flick" will have.
Tool07 Joint Joint F7 The Joint Tool is used to join one object to another. Can be used to create chains, spinners, and even motorized objects.
Tool08 Text Text F8 The Text Tool is able to place text on the table with input from the keyboard. You can change the size and color of the text that appears.
Tool09 Point Point F9 The Snap Point Tool creates little green points on the table for objects to snap to, much like how an object snaps to the grid.
Tool10 Gizmo Gizmo F10 The Gizmo Tool allows you to freely manipulate the positions of objects, either by moving them in straight lines or by rotating it, along the X, Y, or Z axis.