Tabletop Simulator Wiki

Intro[ | ]

As of Update v4.0, Tabletop Simulator now has full access to the internet in game by way of the Tablet. The tablet was added to bring multiple things to life that just wasn’t possible individually, like being able to play music or use and edit character sheets and view PDFs.Play store

The Tablet is currently in alpha and only available for Windows users. Support for Mac and Linux users is in progress.


Useful Sites[ | ]

  • Free Conferences: If you play a game that require you to stream an app to the in-game tablet from sharing a device's screen then look no further (Game like Mansion of Madness 2)
  • YouTube: You can watch and share your favorite YouTube videos with your friends while playing games.
  • Music: Listen to music on any streaming platform of your choice like Pandora.
  • Google Drive: Thanks to Drive, you can upload PDFs, rules, and editable character sheets to use in your games. You can also use other things like spreadsheets and docs. Just be sure to make them viewable to the public.
  • Sync Video: Lets you create a room and make a playlist of YouTube or Vimeo videos. It will automatically sync the video to everyone who has joined the room and does not require a sign-up.
  • Myth-Weavers: A website for creating and managing tabletop rpg character sheets.

Tips[ | ]

  • You can open any PDF in the tablet by adding “” to the front of the document url to open it in Google Docs
  • Like any other object in Tabletop Simulator, you can lock the tablet in place and make it smaller or bigger depending on your needs.
  • Click the “popout” button next to the left arrow key on the tablet to view the sites on the tablet in “Alt Zoom” mode.

Popout window.