Tabletop Simulator Wiki

The custom model importer allows you to import your own 3D models into Tabletop Simulator.

Tips[ | ]

  • All models must be combined as one object for each .obj file.
  • It’s a good idea to triangulate your models before importing them
  • The Texture Image is the diffuse texture for whatever Material type chosen.
  • Material type changes the shader of the material and the sounds the object makes.
  • Type just controls how the object handles, some objects in the game have special properties (ex, figurines always right themselves up when picked up)

Collision[ | ]

  • If you do not specify a Custom Mesh Collider .obj, then the game will calculate a box collider to fit your object.
  • Custom Mesh Collider is just a way for you to have a collider that isn’t a box. It’s best to use a simplified version of your model with less than 255 triangles.
  • The reason is must have below 255 triangles is a an engine limitation on the complexity of a collision collider.
  • If you model is already sufficiently low poly enough you can use the same for the Custom Mesh Collider.
  • You should only use a Custom Mesh Collider if a box collider will not work, due to performance (Box Collider is much more optimized in the physics engine)

Non-convex Collider[ | ]

  • Non-convex checkbox allows you to have collision work with objects like the Chinese Checkers board which has indents in the board.
  • Convex colliders will fill in any indents or holes in the collider due to how it calculates the collider
  • The problem with Non-convex objects is that they do not collide with each other, so as I said above it’s best only used on a complex board.